Zodwa Wabantu Biography

The South African entertainment industry constantly makes room and creates opportunities for the youth to use their talents and hard work while earning an income. The popular and famous dancer who has severally gotten into loggerheads with moral cops due to her style is the subject of this article. Zodwa Wabantu has been a dancer for many years and has worked with other creatives in the industry and traveled across different countries while on the job.

Zodwa Wabantu Age and Place of Birth

Libram Rebecca Zobwa Wabantu was born in South Africa’s Soweto where she spent her childhood and early adulthood. She is currently thirty-five years old and celebrates her birthday every 30th October.

Zodwa Wabantu Education Background

Her academic background and qualifications are unavailable to the public at the time of this article’s publication.

Zodwa Wabantu Career

Her ticket to the limelight in South Africa was her dancing career that got her thousands of fans and thus more showcasing opportunities. Before this chapter of her life, she worked in a credit firm as a debt collector. She then moved to the dance floor using the tag phrase ‘pantyless dancer’. She is a famous and popular appearance in the night life scene in entertainment spots.

Her dance styles, often described as provocative and too revealing have landed her into trouble especially given Africa’s reservation and defining morality. She has been sent away or had her appearances cancelled internationally in response to her nature of entertainment found inappropriate for a huge number of population especially the elderly who found it offensive.

Zodwa Wabantu Personal Life, Husband, Children

Zobwa is a dance-enthusiast, socialite and creative in the entertainment industry. She is a mother of one child, a son name Vuyo. She has had her share of problematic relationships following her on-and-off wedding calls with ex-fiancé Linda Ntobeko. She is currently not married and continues to fend for her son.

Zodwa Wabantu Net worth and Assets

Her net worth is approximately $1.5 Million. She owns a mansion in Johannesburg and is often seen in flashy rides. She also runs a perfumes business online with a physical shop in the city.

Real Name Zobwa Libram Rebecca Wabantu
Age 35 (As at 2021)
Nationality South African
Place of Birth Soweto
Ex – Linda Ntobeko
Net worth $1.5 Million

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