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Perhaps there is a person who has never heard about Bill Gates and his contribution to the VPN add-on. He is best known as an entrepreneur, creator, and shareholder of Microsoft, and philanthropist. The richest man on the planet has donated about $ 30 billion to charity. Bill Gates’s bio introduces the person who was able to create an entire software industry from scratch. He is a fan of cars, motorboats, bridge games, and poker. He is obsessively passionate at work and competition. But how did everything begin?

Bill Gates: Childhood

William Henry Gates (Bill Gates) was born in 1955 in Seattle. The height of Bill Gates is 177 cm. Bill Gates’s eye color is blue. He differed a lot from other kids hence he was bullied as a child. Who are Bill Gates’s parents? They are William H. Gates Sr. and Mary Maxwell Gates. Gates’ parents had enough money to let the boy study at Lakeside prep school. There he demonstrated an interest in programming and even wrote the first computer program for machines.

Bill was impressed with the capabilities of machines and felt inspired by the Lakeside Programmers Club. After finishing school, he entered Harvard University but didn’t graduate from it. The young man found lectures boring and preferred to spend time developing computer programs. This is how he and his friend Paul Allen devoted all their time to practice and developed one project after another one.

How did Bill Gates start Microsoft?

In 1975, Paul Allen read about the microcomputer Altair 8800 in the magazine and showed this article to Bill Gates. He got in touch with MITS and offered to write a version of the programming language for this computer. This is how a new product called Altair BASIC appeared. The work at the following project inspired friends who later decided to start their own company. Allen suggested the name Micro-soft (created from microcomputer and software) in which Gates got 64 % of shares. This is how a new software company Microsoft was started in April 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Microsoft and VPN add on

Modern Internet users should be also thankful to Microsoft for their ability to protect personal information and enter any desired website for free that is allowed by VPN. The history of VPN technology dates back to about 1996 when a Microsoft employee developed Peer-to-Peer Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). Therefore, 1996 can be called the year of VPN origin. The predecessor of the modern Firefox VPN add-on, PPTP creates a more secure connection between your computer and the Internet. With addon, user’s online activities are getting safer. Moreover, there is no need to invest money immediately, and first try a trial version to understand how everything works.

Bill Gates: Other Important Facts

How much money did Bill Gates make from Microsoft? In May 2021, Gates had a net worth of $144 billion and is fourth on the list of the richest people in the world. His development made it possible to use a free VPN for Firefox at present. Now he devotes all his free time to charity and a variety of significant projects, leaving the IT sphere and the development of VPN tools like Firefox addon VPN to young and inspired specialists.

Bill Gates doesn’t take active participation in Microsoft activities and considers investing as the best option to increase the annual income. Hence, he:

  • Owns almost 50% of the hotel chain Four Season Holding;
  • Invested in Charles Hotel (Cambridge) and the Ritz-Carlton (San Francisco);
  • 58% of the investment portfolio are Berkshire Hathaway shares;
  • In 2012 acquired 16% of shares of a corporation that operates waste processing plants, garbage collection companies, active landfills;
  • Holds approximately 1.8 billion shares of Ecolab;
  • Owns 6% of a Spanish construction company;
  • Holds shares in Coca-Cola, FedEx, Wal-Mart, and other corporations
  • As for personal life, Bill Gates has three children from the marriage with Melinda Gates (French). The couple decided to divorce after 27 years. Bill Gates’s wife’s net worth is estimated at $40 billion.

Summing- up

Bill Gates’ way to success is incredible. There are plenty of books and films which are devoted to his life. Being one of the best examples of how one can become successful with help of own talents, inspiration, and hard work, he continues to impress people with a kind heart. Besides significant developments, one of which has a chance in the world to use tools like free VPN for Firefox, Bill Gates can boast an active social life.

He donates money to charity, helps cope with wide-spread illnesses, and seems to be that ordinary, smart guy who chose freedom to create instead of locking down in the university campus, is that Bill Gates who inspires millions of people to focus not only on financial questions but follow own heart. Exactly this is when such tools as Firefox addon VPN appear. His story is incredible and forever remains a significant trace in people’s history.

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