Tebogo Khalo Biography

Tebogo Khalo is a South African talented actress, radio broadcaster and co-host. She is one of the longest acting characters in the series Rhythm City Teasers. Tebogo is well-known as Puleng Mofokeng in the series.

She is one of the most famous celebrity personalities in South Africa. This is so because she puts her blood and sweat in always making effort in improving her craft.

She always strives to ensure that in whatever role she plays, her character today is better that the character she played yesterday. This has really put her name on the map because fans claim that her role(s) usually suit her.

Tebogo Khalo Age and Place of Birth

Tebogo Khalo was born on 31st May, 1985.She was born in Alexandra, Johannesburg, South Africa. She, however, grew up in Kempton Park, South Africa.

Tebogo Khalo Career and Movies acted

Tebogo started acting in 2007. Since then, her name has really grown to be one of the most sort after actresses in South Africa. She got to play a role in Rhythm city, where she plays the role of Puleng Mofokeng, who is a young girl who deals with the trauma of an abusive older boyfriend. She plays her role so well that fans say that she is the best at acting her role in the series.

According to her, what is more important to her is to better her craft in a way that she is proud of herself. Getting brand deals is not the goal for her because when you are striving to do better in your craft, better deals come your way. She got the Golden Horn Award for best supporting actress in a TV soap in 2011.

Tebogo Khalo Husband, Family and Children

Tebogo Khalo is married to her amazing husband who is 33 years old, a year younger than her. They got to tie the knot in 2011 after being together for 5 years.

Tebogo is very skeptical about having her own kids and she has always detested the fact that people want her to have kids.

She says that having a busy schedule makes it hard for her to even think of having children. She says that her husband and her take care of her nieces and nephews and that will go as far as children are concerned. We, however, have no idea of whether or not she will change her mind about having children.

Tebogo Khalo Net worth

Tebogo’s net worth is approximately $5 Million. Just like other actors, she is a hardworking lady of many hearts thus getting income from various sources. She has also signed several brand endorsements which supplement her net worth.

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