Roxette Arisa Biography

Roxette Arisa Howe is an American YouTube star. She is best known for her self-titled YouTube channel, where she uploads makeup tutorials, product reviews, and hauls videos. She was also a figure skater. Let’s figure out her birthday, nationality.

Bio- Age, Parents, And Ethnicity

Roxette was born on 6th December 1993 in California. She was raised along with her brother, Spencer, who is also a skater. Her brother is in a relationship with Emily Chan.

Her mother Skatehowe is Japanese and her father is American.

Hurdles in Relationship

Roxette went through a toxic relationship when she was just 18- 19 years. She and her boyfriend were from the same skating field.

Her boyfriend had a possessive nature and wanted to control her in everything. Roxette wasn’t allowed to come late home after 10 p.m at night and she had to answer the phone quickly. Also, she couldn’t talk to another guy friend.

Despite hurdles and restrictions, she endured the toxic relationship for three years. However, when she was asked to have the tattoo in his name on her hand forcefully. After the incident, her boyfriend broke up.

After the end of the toxic relationship, she fell for another guy Tim, but things didn’t work out with him.

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