Peter Firth Biography

Peter Firth is an actor who was born as Peter Macintosh Firth in Bradford, the United Kingdom. Peter is best known for his role as Sir Harry Pearce in the BBC One show Spooks; and he is the only actor to have appeared in every episode of the show’s ten-series lifespan.

Peter has given many other television and film performances, most notably as Alan Strang in Equus (1977), earning both a Golden Globe Award as well as an Academy Award nomination for the role.

Peter Firth Age

Peter was born on 27 October 1953, Bradford, United Kingdom.

Peter Firth Career

Peter was a leading child actor by the middle of the year 1969, having starred in the first series of The Flaxton Boys as Archie Weekes as well as then the following year in the series Here Come the Double Deckers, which featured child actors in the leading roles.

Peter played Scooper, the kingpin of the gang. In 1972 Peter also starred in the ITV (London Weekend Television) series The Adventures of Black Beauty, episode “The Runaway”, playing David Abbott.

In July 1973, Peter appeared at Laurence Olivier’s National Theatre, starring in the stage version of Peter Shaffer’s play Equus as a teenager being treated by a psychiatrist, as well as in October 1974 repeated the role in the Broadway production, receiving a Tony Award nomination for his performance as Alan Strang.

He starred in an episode of The Protectors, titled (Implicado), first screened in November 1973. Peter played Stephen Douglas, an innocent young man, alongside Patrick Mower as a drug dealer.

Peter Firth Net Worth

Peter has an etimated net worth range of between $3 million dollars – $5 million dollars.

Peter Firth Height and Weight

Peter has a height of 5 feet 9 inches and has an average body weight.

Peter Firth Parents

Peter was born and raised by his parents in the United Kingdom. We will update this information about his Family once it is available.

Peter Firth Wife

Peter has been married three times and has 4 children: one from his first marriage with The Warp actress, Maya Sendall (Rory Firth) as well as three from his second. Peter married Alexandra Pigg on Christmas Eve 2017, the couple had briefly dated after they played a couple in Letter to Brezhnev. During an interview for BBC Breakfast in April the year 2017, they explained that they met again in the year 2010 and have been in a relationship since then. Peter lodged with Peter Shaffer throughout the Broadway run of Equus, in a father-son relationship.

Peter Firth Education

Peter attended Hanson School in Bradford.

Peter Firth Movies and TV shows

2002 – 2011: Spooks
2016: Risen
2015: Spooks: The Greater Good
1985: Lifeforce
1990: The Hunt for Red October
2001: Pearl Harbor
1998: Mighty Joe Young
1977: Joseph Andrews
1995: An Awfully Big Adventure
1971: Here Come the Double Deckers
1985: Letter to Brezhnev
2005: The Greatest Game Ever Played
1999: Chill Factor
1979: Tess
1993: Shadowlands
1977: Equus
1991: Prisoner of Honor
Since 2012: World Without End
2011: South Riding
1976: Aces High
1990: The Rescuers Down Under
1979: When You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder?
1997: The Garden Of Redemption
1972: Brother Sun, Sister Moon
Since 2016: Victoria
1987: Northanger Abbey
1974: Diamonds on Wheels
2014: Undeniable
1997: Gaston’s War
1996: Merisairas
2000 – 2002: That’s Life
1982: Fire and Sword
2002: Me & Mrs. Jones
1984: White Elephant
1992: The Pleasure Principle
1989: Tree of Hands
1991: Murder in Eden
Since 1995: Resort to Murder
Marco Polo: The Missing Chapter
Peter Firth Books
11+ Mathematics
Lord of the Seasons
Basic Steps in Photography
The Love that Moves the Sun: Searching for God
Mathematics One (Multiple Choice)
Key Series Mathematics One: National Curriculum Practice Tests
Southern Water’s Bewl Water: Guide for Bank and Boat Anglers
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