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Paola Ferrari is an Italian journalist, television presenter, and politician. She has been active on Radiotelevisione italiana (RAI)since the 1990s, hosting its main sports programs such as La Domenica Sportiva and 90º minuto.

She made her television debut in 1977 as a switchboard operator on Portobello. She then contributed as a sports journalist for the Telenova network in Milan and wrote some articles on football for the magazine Intrepido. She performed some services for Domenica Sportiva on RAI in 1988 and was brought on with the company in 1992. In 1995 she joined Gianni Cerqueti on Dribbling, then switched to hosting Domenica Sportiva, from 1996 to 1999.

In 1999, Ferrari moved to TG2 Costume e Società; where she hosted the nightly news edition from 1999 to 2002. Beginning in 2000 she hosted the 13th edition of TG2. In 2002–2003 she presented Pole Position. For the 2003–2004 season, she was the lead of 90º minute, becoming the first woman to hold that role. During the 2004 European Football Championship, she led the second evening of Rai 2’s I figli di Eupalla. She remained at 90º minuto for another season (2004–2005) until the program ended along with Rai’s rights to Serie A.

In the 2005–2006 season she returned to Domenica Sportiva with Marco Mazzocchiand led the Dribbling Mondiale show for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Since 12 September 2006 she has been hosting Rai 2’s Martedì Champions, a program that recounts and analyzes Tuesday’s Champions League matches. Beginning in 2008 she also hosted Un mercoledì da campioni, another Rai program dedicated to the Champions League, as well as Play-Off Champions.

Paola Ferrari Age

She was born on October 6, 1960, in Milan, Lombardy, Italy.

Paola Ferrari Husband

She has been married to Marco De Benedetti since 1997. De Benedetti is an Italian entrepreneur, who is currently a Managing Director and Co-Head of Carlyle’s European Buyout Group. Prior to joining Carlyle, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Italia. He was the Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Italia Mobile from 1999 until its merger with Telecom Italia.

Paola Ferrari Children

Paola Ferrari and her husband, Marco De Benedetti, have two children: Alessandro De Benedetti and Virginia De Benedetti.

Paola Ferrari Family

She is the daughter-in-law of Carlo de Benedetti and Mita Crosetti. She is the sister-in-law of Rodolfo with Emmanuelle de Villepin, and Edoardo with Ilgi Suna Erel (Stephanie).

Paola Ferrari Euro 2020

Italian TV presenter Paola Ferrari went viral after a leg-crossing incident while hosting the Euro 2020 coverage in Italy. The Rai presenter was dressed in a long black gown with her legs crossed on the show. At one point, she switched legs, and some viewers suggested she wasn’t wearing undergarments.

The 60-year-old quashed the rumors, saying she “prefers health and hygiene.” Ferrari said: “It has gone viral, they are using more VAR (for this incident) than on the field at the European Championships. It happened but it’s nothing serious.”

Some viewers also thought they saw a butterfly tattoo revealed. However, Ferrari said: “I can assure you that I do not have a tattooed butterfly, I do not fly so high.” A Video of the Paola Ferrari leg-crossing incident can be viewed here.

Paola Ferrari Instagram

Paola Ferrari’s Instagram handle is @paolaferrari_db.

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