Nina Parker Biography

Nina Parker is a prominent TV show host notable for her contribution to NBC’s morning show, Access Hollywood Line (2013). Also, she is known for her work as a correspondent on CBS’s evening news show called The Insider and as the former runner and producer for TMZ.

Like, Nin is also an actress and director. She is known for her roles in the 2012 short film Cicada PrinessCicada Prince and TV series like Being Mary Jane (2013) and Nightly Pop (2019).

Nina Parker’s Height, Age, Family

Nina’s height is 1.72 meters (5 ft 8 in).

Born on 22 October 1979 in Sacramento, California, Nina always wanted to be a journalist since an early age. As a result, she achieved her B.A. degree in broadcast and electronic communication arts from San Francisco State University.

During her college years, Nina was a member of the broadcasting department and was into two productions.

Further, she has a sister named Gina Parker and an older brother in her family.

Who Is Nina Dating?

Via a podcast on 20 August 2019, Nina mentioned that her boyfriend was from New York but lived in Los Angeles.

Nina also revealed that she moved in with her boyfriend in 2018 during an interview in August 2019.

Career Journey

Passionate in journalism since childhood, Nina moved to New York to be a journalist. However, she couldn’t find a job in New York and returned to Sacramento, California. There, she worked a traditional 9 to 5 job at Verizon Wireless. Later, she went for a vacation to Los Angeles and eventually shifted there.

There, she enrolled at TMZ as a runner. She started her work from the very beginning phase, and her hard work eventually led her to become a producer.

Fighting With Depression

Talking with Essence, Nina revealed that she was once a victim of depression and was stuck in misery due to her skin color. She precisely explained the reason for her depression saying,

“To be seen is something important, especially as a woman of color. We move in this world often feeling so ignored and invisible.”

Nina further added that she felt she felt imprisoned most of the time until she found her real purpose in life.

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