Frasers’ Matt Fraser Biography

Matt Fraser is a reality TV actor celebrated for appearing in his reality show, Meet the Frasers (2020).

Matt is not only an actor but also a psychic medium. Also, he is an author and has published a book called The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability (2012).

Let’s jump in to know more about Matt, including his age, family, girlfriend, and more.

Personal Life: Dating Status

Matt is in a relationship with Alexa Papigiotis. The duo started dating in 2016.

In an interview with E! News on 20th December 2019, Alexa said that she wanted to be the mother of Matt’s child.

During an interview, Alexa also added that she wanted four babies; whereas, Matt wanted to father only two babies.

Further, Matt defines Alexa as the lady who knows what she wants. And, they both are so ready for marriage as stated by Alexa’s mother in one of the episodes of Meet the Frasers.

Who Is Alexa Papigiotis?

Matt’s girlfriend, Alexa, is a former Miss Teen Rhode Island and Miss Rhode Island. She also serves as Matt’s assistant and sounding board. Additionally, she is a cast member of Meet the Frasers.

What Is Meet The Frasers All About?

Meet the Frasers is a reality series that shows the daily drama of Matt’s and Alexa’s families. In the show, Matt’s father Rod, mother Angela, and sister Maria are also featured.

Matt is very close to his mother, Angela- who works with Matt in a cooperative way as the sole member of his promotions department. Matt’s father and Alexa’s stepfather’s bond appears to be strong.

Likewise, Matt’s sister- who is witty, cynical, and a voice of reason- is afraid of the ghosts, so she sleeps with the lights on.

From Alexa’s family, her mother Sharon Ciolli, stepfather Anthony Ciolli, and sister Ava Papigiotis can also be seen in the show.

Talking about their role, Sharon is a nurse and very comfortable talking about how babies are made. Even, she had advised Matt and Alexa to swallow the babies when they went to ask about an IUD. Sharon is the piece of laughter and one of the coolest characters of the show.

Similarly, Alexa’s father, who is a retired nightclub owner and self-proclaimed former mobster- has a dry sense of humor. And, for him, the family comes first.

Bio: Birthday And Age

Matt was born on 8 July 1992. He has a younger sister, Maria Fraser.

Matt was born to his parents: father Rod Fraser and mother, Angela. Matt’s father is a retired Navy Captain and decorated former Fire Commissioner.

Similarly, his mother is an office manager and a psychic.

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