Marie Etienne Martine Joseph Biography

Marie Etienne Martine Joseph is the wife of assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moise and the former First Lady of the Republic of Haiti. She became the first lady of the Haitian Republic on February 7, 2017, when her husband, Jovenel Moise, was sworn in as the 58th president of Haiti. She was the country’s first lady from February 2017 until her husband’s assassination on July 7, 2021.

Martine Moise was born Marie Etienne Martine Joseph in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on June 5, 1974. In 1993, she graduated from Roger Anglade College with a bachelor’s degree in elementary and secondary education. In 1997, she graduated from Quisqueya University with a bachelor’s degree in Interpretation Studies.

Martine is a well-known businesswoman, her devotion and professional ethic to her family enterprise in the North-West Department, has given her, years of managerial experience. The grassroots work she has done with the men and women of the Department is the base of her understanding of the social and economic realities of the country and has helped her in her role as First Lady.

She is an advocate for the children. Her main concern is the well-being of children. She really cares about her mission to work for their respect and their rights. Therefore, the slogan of her office is “All for the children”, an expression of her engagement to establish durable structures for the children and the young of the country. For that reason, in close cooperation with the National Office of Identification, she has established the program “KONTEM MWEN KONTE” (register me I am important), an initiative that has made Birth Certificate registration available at multiple maternities and birth centers in Haiti. The National Office of Identification known as ONI executes this program. The first lady strongly believes that the national strategy being put in place for the children cannot be met without placing the kids at the center of the political affairs of the republic. Registering the children at birth is the first step.

Martine Moise has also made it her duty to fight violence against women and girls. Her message is loud and clear: «Vyolans sou fanm, fòk nou pale» (Violence against women, we will not keep quiet). Martine Moïse has reiterated her promise to work for the well-being of those who are most vulnerable. Her other priorities are gender equality, early pregnancy, human trafficking, and the transmission of HIV from mother to child during breastfeeding.

Since October 2017, Martine Moïse is the president of the coordination of the Global Fund in Haiti – CCM for the treatment and eradication of HIV-Aids, tuberculosis, and malaria as epidemics. She is very determined through her contribution at CCM and with the help of its partners to make Haiti a certified Malaria free country by 2020.

Martine Moise is the President of Fondasyon Klere Ayiti which is working in community development, empowerment of women, civic education, etc. The foundation has launched “Vilaj Kado”, a series of cartoons used to educate people about their environment, politics, respect for human rights, etc…The First Lady has equally invested in the modernization of Haitian Arts & Crafts, an important sector in the national economy.

Marie Etienne Martine Joseph Condition

Martine Moise was seriously wounded in the attack that killed her husband Jovenel at their home. President Moïse was killed on 7 July 2021, allegedly by 28 foreign mercenaries. Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph said in his statement that Martine Moise was injured and hospitalized. She survived the attack and is in “critical but stable condition,” according to Reuters.

Marie Etienne Martine Joseph Age

Marie Etienne Martine Joseph was born on June 5, 1974 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Jovenel Moise Marie Etienne Martine Joseph

Marie Etienne Martine Joseph is the wife of assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moise. She met her future husband, Jovenel Moïse, while both were students at Quisqueya University. The couple had been married since 1996.

Marie Etienne Martine Joseph Children

Jovenel Moise and Marie Etienne Martine Joseph have three adult children together.

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