Katy Roach’s Biography

Katy Roach is an American fashion blogger, fashion enthusiast, and clothing line owner from Dallas, TX.

In 2017, Roach decided to run for a career in fashion, started creating her blogs, and came with ‘Shop My Instagram.’ Her unique approach to the fashion business turned out to be a success.

How Did Katy’s Career Take Off?

Katy was a regular girl born and brought up in Texas and wanted to attend Nursing College after high school. However, she married as soon as she completed high school and moved throughout the country because her husband was a military man.

She couldn’t study nursing as online classes for the course weren’t available, so she was left with only one option, business.

Later on, when her husband got medically discharged from the military, she decided to join nursing again. But, she felt a void in her life and decided that nursing was not for her.

Katy roach flaunting her collaborative product with Pink Lily

In 2017, Katy decided to start her blog, and ever since then, she has been putting effort on her projects with no pauses. Fast forward to now, Roach has established her blogs as one of the most simplistic, convenient, and modern styles of fashion symphonies.

In an interview with Voyage Dallas, when she was asked to explain more about her blogs, Living My Best Style, she said,

“This is my calling and this is what I do. I am proud to be a young girl that is pursuing her dreams and showing others that it is okay to do that. I love that I am a blogger for the everyday girl and find affordable items for my followers. I am as transparent as it comes with my followers and brand, I feel that it makes the world of difference. What you see is what you get and that will never change for me and my brand.”

Katy roach Net Worth Details

The 1989 US-born Katy Roach blows her birthday candles every year on April 6. She has gained tons of attention via her blogs and Instagram for petite casual looks and minimalistic fashion catalogs.

Roach loves spending on comfortable clothes, and she even purchased a new house in 2018. The fashion blogger in her 30s is living in Dallas, Texas, and is master to six-figured net worth.

Katy also expressed how thankful and blessed she feels regarding the journey she is having. However, in recent days, the case is not identical to her personal life.

Is Katy Still Married?

Katy was married to her military husband, Jake Roach, with whom she got divorced in 2021.

The ex-pair shares the custody of their son Cooper. The duo were high school sweethearts and performed their wedding swiftly after their high school ended.

Katy Roach and her ex-husband Jake Roach

Unfortunately, their split was as abrupt as their marriage as the pair filed the divorce amidst infidelity rumors.

Additionally, it has been reported that Katy once posted a story talking about their divorce.

However, the story has been deleted now. Katy also deleted all her posts where she mentioned her ex-husband.

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