Jennifer Lee Pryor Biography

Jennifer Lee Pryor is an actress and producer known for her works in movies like Act of Vengeance (1974) and The Wild Party (1975). However, she is more renowned for her marriage with the late actor, Richard Pryor.

Let’s dive in to learn about all her wiki and relationship-related details.

Jennifer Lee Pryor’s Relationship With Details Husband Richard Pryor

Jennifer first met Richard back in 1977 when her friend, Lucy Saroyan, introduced Jennifer to Richard as an interior designer. At that time, Richard had bought a house in California and was in search of an interior designer. In the process, they got to know each other. The duo started dating each other in early 1978.

After dating for almost three years, the duo tied the knot in 1981. But, the marriage didn’t last long as Richard assaulted her physically while they were on honeymoon. They separated legally in 1982.

However, destiny took a turn. Due to his over addiction to cocaine, Richard was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Richard was bound to a wheelchair and wanted Jennifer in his life, so the two got back together.

Jennifer and Richard got married for the second time in 2001, 19 years after their divorce.

Unfortunately, the marriage remained intact only till 9th December 2005 as Richard passed away the next day due to a heart attack.

Who Was Richard Pryor?

Jennifer’s husband, Richard, was a comedian and actor- who left a remarkable print in Hollywood for being featured in numerous action and comedy movies, including Silver Streak (1976) and Greased Lightning (1977). Also, he amazed the audience by playing three different characters in Which Way Is Up (1977).

While he was alive, Richard had collected a total net worth of $40 million from his career. After his death, his fortune was passed on to his seven children and wife. However, none of his children were born from Jennifer.

Before getting married to Jennifer for the second time, Richard was married to Flynn Belaine. He had married her two times. The first time on 10th October 1986 and again on 1st April 1990.

Similarly, he was also married to actress Deborah McGuire from 22nd September 1977 to 2nd October 1978, to Shelley R. Bonus from 13th January 1968 to 1969, and to a woman named Patricia Price from 11th June 1961 to 1966.

Past Relationship

Before getting to know and falling in love with late husband Richard, Jennifer was in a relationship with Warren Beatty- a director, producer, and writer is known for movies like Heaven Can Wait (1978) and Rules Don’t Apply (2016).

Also, Jennifer was in a relationship with Roman Polanski.

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