Jason Chen Biography

Jason Chen is a Taiwanese American pop artist behind the albums Gravity, What if Acoustic, and Never for Nothing.

Before getting worldwide attention, Jason used to do covers on other artists’ songs and upload them on his eponymous YouTube channel MusicNeverSleeps. The channel now has 1.87 million subscribers.

Jason Chen Bio, Nationality

Jason was born on 12 November 1988 to Taiwanese immigrant parents in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He grew up in Arcadia, California, where his family moved in when he was a few months old.

Jason’s mother was a piano teacher; as a result, he was acquainted with different musical instruments, for instance, guitar, violin, and piano at an early age.

Apart from music, Jason also secured an excellent educational qualification. He got enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2006, and eventually graduated with a BA degree in Economics.

Dating Life

Jason first met Lucia Liu -an Instagram star and the winner of the 2014 ATV Miss Asia Pageant- overseas in China during the session of The Voice of China.

There Jason was a judge, and Lucia was a contestant. Eventually, they flourished the bond between them and started dating in 2016.

Since the day, the pair are going strength-to-strength and also are open about their relationship publicly.

They frequently feature each other on their social platforms, mostly Instagram. They also celebrated their 2019 Christmas together.


On 31 Jul 2018, thecut.com published an article called We’re Here, We’re Queer? an article that was written by Jason.

According to the article, Jason was mistaken as a queer. He often got haunted by the word “gay” in his teenage (during 2015). But as time has passed, now he sees himself both as a gay and a queer. He further interpreted everyone, similar to his situation. He wrote,

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