Jamie Genevieve Biography

Jamie Genevieve is a successful social media personality, and a reputed makeup artist. She displays her talented makeup skills in her self-titled YouTube channel that has substantial 842K subscribers. Similarly, her Instagram holds a massive 1.3 million followers.

Her esteemed career has a record of working with the Illamasqua company at Debenhams in Glasgow.

Jamie Genevieve’s Wiki

Jamie was born Jamie Grant on 25 June 1993 in Scotland. She spent her childhood playing with her father outdoor at a council estate in Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire, in central Scotland.

She later moved to Glasgow at the age of eleven and quit her school early to pursue a full-time career.

Married Life And Wedding

Jamie has been married to her long-term boyfriend, Jack McCann, since 9 July 2019.

Their luxury wedding was held in Italy at the luxury Borgo Corsignano resort, and the Distinctive Italy Weddings organized the whole event. It was an outdoor ceremony, and the aisle was covered with flowers in a row.

For the dress, Jamie wore the elegant satin gown by designer Eleganza Sposa worth around $2K, and her husband Jack wore the traditional national garb of Scotland called plaid.

First Met-Engagement

According to Jamie’s video of 6 February 2018 titled Q&A with my fiance, they first met at a Park music festival when Jamie was around the age of fifteen or sixteen.

However, talking with the GlamSquad event in Glasgow, Jamie said it was love at first sight and had told about Jack to her mother on the very first day. However, they didn’t speak until she turned eighteen.

Later they got together in Paris through a mutual friend and went for a weekend. She further revealed they had their first kiss in the garage and the first real kiss sober at the top of Notre Dame.

Husband And His Career

Jack McCann works alongside his wife on her content and business. He also accompanies Jamie in her videos and travels around the globe filming, editing her vlogs, and snapping pictures. Previously, he worked as a bricklayer.


Jamie made a video, Tattoo Tag, on 28 November 2016. In the video, she has talked about her tattoos and their meaning.

She revealed she had her first tattoo at the age of fifteen, and it was done on her back shoulder. The second tattoo is on her ankle, where she paved her lucky number seventeen. Similarly, she also has tattoos on her arms, hands, sleeves, fingers, waist, lips, and elbow.

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