Jahkara Smith Biography

Jahkara Smith, mostly known by her online name Sailor J, is a YouTube personality and an actress- who has garnered success with her make-up tutorial videos shared via her YouTube channel, Sailor J.

Pursuing her career as a social media personality, she first uploaded a video titled Getting a Man 101 on 19th October 2017- which helped her gain minor fame as it had 13K shares at the end of the day.

Moreover, she got to taste another success after starring as Maggie Leigh in AMC’s horror series NOS4A2 (2018) and later through Into The Dark (2019).

Apart from her YouTube and acting career, she is also a US Air Force personnel.

Married; Husband In Air Force

Jahkara has been married to Kevin Smith, who is also in Air Force, for several years.

The husband-wife duo not only shares the same profession but also a love for sports.


Jahkara has inked across her collarbone and shoulder representing her love for her three siblings. Though they all didn’t get to live together constantly during their childhood, all four share a strong bond.

Also, she has another tattoo with the Arabian proverb stating “She has suffered, she has learned and has thus changed.” The tattoo signifies and reminds Jahkara of the abuses she overcame in life.

Wiki, Birthday, Ethnicity, And Parents

Jahkara was born on 5th September 1996 in the United States. She had a hard time growing up as she was not provided with luxury like her friends. Her mother was only the source of income in the family as there was the absence of her father throughout her childhood.

The only memorable part of Jahkara’s younger days was getting to watch movies from an old VCR that her mother bought for her.

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