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Indy Neidell is a YouTube star notable for narrating and writing the famous series World War I on the YouTube channel, The Great War. Plus, he is known for co-hosting another YouTube series, Sabaton History.

Apart from dedicating his time to the YouTube series, Indy has featured in the videogame, Drake of the 99 Dragons (2003). Additionally, he has also written TV dramas named Metropia (2009) and Mousse (2014).

Indy’s Career Information

Before getting engaged in YouTube, Indy used to run a booking company. Even he played in bands and did voiceover work.

But his life took a turn over when he uploaded a video titled Watch Sunday Baseball between May and September 2013. After that, he was approached by the producers of The Great War to host the series. So, Indy began working as a lead writer and presenter for The Great War in 2014.

After four years, he launched a YouTube channel called Time Ghost History with the creator of The Great War, Spartacus Olsson, in 2017.

The following year, Indy and Spartacus Olsson released the series Between-2-Wars to recall the Interwar Period.

What Is The Great War All About?

The Great War is a YouTube channel, which broadcasted the series World War I week by week, just after 100 years of the event took place.

The series looked at special topics like famous personalities, innovations, the role different countries played, and other things.

Likewise, the channel had five main series so far like This Week 100 Years Ago, Special Episodes, Who Did What In WWI?, Out of the Trenches, and Out of the Ether.

For instance, This Week 100 Years Ago was the main series as it covered the events of WWI, Special Episodes were related to a diverse range of topics, such as noteworthy events, technology, and the state of particular nations. Another series Who Did What In WWI? highlighted certain personalities in the war and their actions.

Similarly, the series, Out of the Trenches was devoted to answering the questions of viewers. And the last one, Out of the Ether, which was a spin-off of Out of the Trenches shared amusing or controversial comments from viewers.

Finally, the producers and the narrator ended uploading other series on their YouTube channel, The Great War on 1s November 2018. They stopped their project just exactly 100 years after the signing of the Armistice at Compiègne which formally ended all hostilities in World War I.

Bio: Age, Family, And Education

Indy was born on 28 September 1967 in Pennsylvania, United States. He has four siblings.

He graduated from St. John’s School in 1985.

Later he got enrolled at Wesleyan University and studied both American and European history.

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