Humza Yousaf Biography

Humza Yousaf is the Minister for Transport and the Islands since 2016. He is also the first Muslim politician to savor the honorary position of the Scottish Parliament.

Initiating his career in politics after completing high school graduation as a parliamentary assistant in 2007, he caught up the way to the ministers’ cabinet by winning the seats from Glasgow in 2016. Humza, who served as a writer for Evening Times, was later elected to Scottish Parliament in 2011 when he was of age 25.

Humza’s Married Life; Wedding And Divorce!

In the journey of a romantic love relationship, divorce is indeed the ugliest turn-over in the life of lovebirds. Humza is one, who faced a divorce with his longtime wife, Gail Lythgoe despite their strong connection. His then-wife is an Associate Editor at EJIL Talk.

He and Gail first met at SNP Conference in Perth, Australia in 2007 where he was serving as an intern for Alex Salmond.

After three years of their love initiation, the couple confronted their near and dear ones and shared their wedding vows in July 2010. In the course of a long six years of relationship, they didn’t share any children.

Despite their half-decade, Humza and Gail’s relationship took the direction of the tragedy, and the couple had a divorce in the mid of June 2016.

As per Humza, their divorce led him to the insurance problems to which he believed that he was in fully comprehensive insurance.

It’s been years since the couple broke off their connection, but, Humza has not thought to start a new life with a new partner. As of now, he relishes a single life with no traces of his possible love life.

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