Chef Grant Achatz Biography

Celebrity chef, Grant Achatz, is best known for his three Michelin stars winning a Chicago restaurant called Alinea. Also, he is a chef- who won the 2007 James Beard Award for Best Chef Great Lakes and the 2003 Star Chef in America. He was considered one of the Best New Chefs of 2002 by Food & Wine.

Further, Grant is also known as the author of recipe cookbooks called Alinea (2008), On the Line: A Chef’s Story of Chasing Greatness, Facing Death, and Redefining the Way We Eat (2012), and The Aviary Cocktail Book ( 2018)

Grant Achatz’s Wiki

Grant was born on 25 April 1974 in Michigan. He grew up in a family amid the restaurateurs- his parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts owned a restaurant.

Following his family background business, he learned the basic skills of the culinary field from an early age. Later, as soon as he finished high school, he joined the Culinary Institute of America.

Restaurant Info

In 2017, Business Insider released “World’s 50 restaurants” lists in America. The best restaurants were selected on the basis of the food critics, diners, and experts.

Among the 50 restaurants list, Grant Achatz’s Chicago-based restaurant, Alinea, scored the top spot. The restaurant- which has been launched in 2005- was known to have been experimented with Avant-garde dishes following molecular gastronomy skills.

Previously, it was also named the “Best Restaurant in the World” by the Elite Traveller in 2015.

Net Worth Related

Considering one of the world’s greatest chefs, Grant Achatz earns his net worth as the owner of his Chicago-based restaurant, Alinea, and as an author of his multiple books.

Who Is Grant Dating?

Talking with Food & Wine in March 2017, Grant said he was dating Briseis Guthrie, a creative restaurant consultant.
According to her LinkedIn profile, she previously served as the Creative Manager at The Alinea Group for seven years and seven months, starting from December 2011 to June 2019.

Furthermore, she holds seventeen years of Hospitality experience, starting from an entry-level host to a runner position and a creative development.

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