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Dr. Gad Saad is a Canadian Evolutionary Psychologist. He is the professor of Marketing at Concordia University and in charge of the research chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption (2008-2018). And, he is also the associate editor of the Journals Evolutionary Psychology (2012-2015).

On top of that, his work has been featured in more than 600+ media outlets around the globe, including TV, documentaries, interviews, podcasts, newspapers, magazines, and blogs.

Likewise, due to his expertise in research works and widespread popularity in the mass media, Concordia University appointed Gad as the Newsmaker of the Week for five consecutive years (2011-2015).


Dr. Gad Saad was born on 13 October 1964.

He completed his BSC (Mathematics and Computer Science) and MBA from Mcgill University. Later, he pursued his M.S and Ph.D. from Cornell University.

Married Life

Gad Saad had his nuptial bliss on 5th December 1999. The doctor and his wife first encountered each other in a corporate seminar.

Afterward, during his second or third seminar, Gad was approached by his now-beau with a cup of tea and cracked their first conversation. The psychologist mentioned to Psychology Today on 6 December 2019 that the duo went on their first date in a movie theater. Eventually, they frequented their visits and fell for each other.

Likewise, after tying the wedding knot, the couple got blessed with a son and a daughter.

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