Doreen Lioy Biography

Doreen Lioy, by profession, is a freelance magazine editor. She is known for her contribution to the 1987 TV series, Biography. Additionally, she is also known for her intimate relationship with the late criminal, Richard Ramirez.

A serial killer, Richard- who is also known as The Night Stalker- terrorized Los Angeles in the 1980s. He had several weapons and was accused of thirteen murders. He died in 2013.

Married, Husband

Doreen was married to criminal Richard Ramirez in prison in 1996.

While Richard was in prison, he was admired by many young women. Among them, Dorren was the one who grabbed his attention. According to SFGate, Dorren wrote seventy-five letters to Richard in prison, and the two got along. Later, they married in 1996 while in prison. The marriage lasted until Richard died in 2013.

Richard Ramirez’s Wiki And Birthday

Richard was born on 29 February 1960 in El Paso, Texas. He was the youngest child among five children of Julian and Mercedes Ramirez.

As a teenager, Richard remained a drifter and later settled in Los Angeles. There, he worked as a car mechanic and did other odd jobs. However, the darker side of Richard was his interest in satanism. He would play rock band AC/ DC’s Night Prowler for hours.

Fascinated with satanism, he started committing crimes and did his first murder in April 1984.

Richard Ramirez’s Crime Records

Richard’s first murder was of a nine years old girl, Mei Leung. Mei Leung was found dead on 10 April 1984 in a hotel basement where Ramirez was living. Later, in 2009, the killer’s DNA matched with Richard.

His second victim was Jennie Vincow on 28 June 1984. His third attack was María Hernández and Dayle Okazaki on 17 March 1985. Dayle was killed on the spot, and Maria luckily survived despite the shot. The same day, a few hours later, he again killed a lady named Tsai ‘Veronica’ Lian Yu in Monterey Park.

Likewise, he again did sin on 27 March 1985, killing Vincent Zazzara and his wife, Maxine. On 14 May 19585, he broke into William and Lillie Doe’s house. He killed William, but Lillie survived.

On 29 June 1985, he killed Mabel Bell, and on 30 June 1985, he raped and sodomized Carol Kyle. On 2 July 1985, Richard murdered Mary Louise Cannon, and on 5 July 1985, he beat Whitney Benett with tire iron who survived. On 7 July 1985, he killed Joyce Nelson in Monterey Park, and on 20 July 1985, he murdered Glendale couple Maxson Kneiding and Lela.

Later, the same day, he also killed Chainaronf Khovananth and sodomized his wife and son. On 6 August 1985, Christopher Petersen and his wife Virginia survived Richard’s headshot. On 8 August 1985, he killed Elyas Abowath and beat his wife severely. Likewise, on 25 August 1985, Richard broke into Bill Carns and his Fiancee, Inez Erickson. He shot Bill and raped Inez. They both survived.

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