Charlie Jagow Biography

Charlie Jagow is notable for his appearance in the fourth season of the reality documentaries series, The Last Alaskans. He is the youngest cast member of the series and is remembered for his attempt to hoist a 900-pound ridgepole into place.

Charlie- who grew up in his parents’ rustic cabin on the eastern edge of ANWR, is the youngest ANWR permit holder.

Charlie Jagow’s Age, And Education

Charlie was born in the year 1998. He grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, and attended Lathrop High School.

An admirer of the late Bob Harte, Charlie has been following his footsteps, he has been engaged in traplines since an early age.

Family Info

Charlie’s mother’s name is Dawn and his father’s name is Paul. He has an older sister named Joanna, with whom he grew up playing in their martin and lynx trapline around the Porcupine River.

The family is originally from New York City. Both Paul and Dawn are from New York; however, Paul visited Porcupine in 1983 and decided to shift there. Ten years later, Paul met Dawn in Alaska and she also moved with him to Porcupine.

The Last Alaskans

The Last Alaskans is a documentary series that aires on the Discovery Channel. In the fourth season of the series (2019), Charlie Jagow was seen making the Alaskan life look easy, which is not true in reality.

In mid-September, Charlie went for hot pursuit of bulls grazing for sloughs and willow. And, in the winter, he struggled with Alaska’s hard snows and cold rivers.

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