Candice Pool Biography

Spouse to top entrepreneur and YouTuber Casey Neistat is Candice Pool Neistat, who is doing great things and money moves independently as well. We look into the Jewelry Entrepreneur in this article as we look into her biography.

Candice Pool Age and Place of Birth

Candice Pool was born in 1977 to her parents in South Africa’s capital Cape Town. She lived with her parents in South Africa for a year before they relocated to Houston, Texas. They spent holidays once a year back in Africa as she grew up and grew to be attached and deeply identified with the Texan culture. She has spoken of always being in love with Texas, which happens to be the hometown of many other top starts and entrepreneurs such as Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Megan Thee Stallion.

Candice Pool Education Background

She attended school in the States though much information on the institutions she schooled in had not yet been revealed as at the publication date of this article.

Candice Pool Career Journey

She has had quite the career journey in exploring different paths and finally settling in her niche as an entrepreneur. When she was about 21 years old, she together with her friend and sister went to New York and began fending for themselves.

They lived together and her she took up her first job as a bartender at a past popular joint called The Park. Her parents after around a year could not buy it any longer and required her to either get a real job, get back to school or have to go back home. Candice looked around and earned herself a role as receptionist earning around $28,000 annually. She however lost the job and had to find something else to spend time on and earn some income.

It was at this point that she resigned to her call to entrepreneurship that she has said was always a part of her ever since she was a child. Being a jewelry enthusiast, she began taking her first company with a few partners which she named Finn. Finn was launched in 2005 where Candice led the team in designing jewelry – exploring aspects such as long-life plastic and other improved quality jewelry designs. Over the years, the enthusiasm at Finn for Candice Pool weaned and she sought to find something fresh, new and exciting to keep her mind active and productive.

Candice Pool and Casey Neistat

She then started her second company called Billy! This was exactly what she was looking for as she had projects going on every other moment and was not confined to fashion phases as was the case for Finn. The entrepreneur now juggles personal life and her career life working on two companies.

Apart from her entrepreneurial ventures, she runs a podcast with her husband Casey Neistat called Couples Therapy where they discuss life issues, marital matters and friendships.

Candice Pool Net worth And Assets

Her net worth is estimated to be around $3.1 million attributed to her top brand jewelry businesses and other ventures.

Real Name Candice Pool Neistat
Age 43-year-old (2021)
Nationality South African
Education Level Unknown
Place of Birth Cape Town, SA
Year of Birth 1977
Religion Christian
Spouse/Husband Casey Neistat
Children 2 Children
Career/Profession Entrepreneur
Net Worth $3.1 million

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