Brooklyn McKnight Biography

An American media personality and singer, Brooklyn McKnight shares 6.66 million subscribers with her twin sister Bailey in their YouTube channel, Brooklyn and Bailey. Similarly, their collaborated Instagram account, Brooklyn and Bailey, has 5.5 million followers.

Brooklyn is prominent for her singles, Dance Like Me (2017) and Simple Things (2017). Also, she has appeared in the 2012 TV show Studio C and has worked with brands like Lash Next Door and Too Faced Cosmetics.

Bio And Birthday

Brooklyn was born on 31 December 1999 in Michigan as Brooklyn Victoria McKnight. She grew up alongside her twin sister Bailey and four other younger siblings: Daxton, Kamri Noel, Paisley, and Rylan McKnight.

Among them, her brother Daxton and sister Paisley are her adopted black siblings, while Kamri Noel is a YouTuber with 1.96 million subscribers.

Brooklyn’s parents Shaun McKnight and Mindy McKnight raised all of them together in Michigan.

Mother’s Career

Brooklyn’s mother, Mindy McKnight, is a YouTube star- who founded the DIY YouTube channel, Cute Girl Hairstyles. Her channel has enormous 5.64 million subscribers.

Mindy started making videos when Brooklyn and Bailey were only eighteen months old. The identical twins have also been featured in their mother’s channel since the age of eighteen.

Personal Life: Not Dating Anymore

Brooklyn dated Parker Johnson for nearly two years but split in September 2017. The duo was best friends for two years before started dating in February 2016.

In the video, What Happened to PARKLYN?!? | Brooklyn Talks About Her Break Up, posted on 27 September 2017, Brooklyn revealed her boyfriend dumped her for minor reasons. She said they had been having issues, and it could be tackled, but Parker decided to end the relationship. She further stated that the breakup was not mutual but she understood that Parker had to make the best decision for him.

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