Brian Kibler Biography

Brian Kibler is a social media personality with many talents. Known for his YouTube channel called BMKGaming- which has over 433 thousand subscribers- and his Twitch channel named bmkibler with over 462 thousand followers.

Besides his channels, Brian is widely famous as a two-time champion of Magic: The Gathering, a VS system trading card game. Furthermore, he has made his name by working as the head developer of the VS system trading card game called World of Warcraft TCG in its first two years.

Brian’s Short Bio; With Age

Brian Kibler was born on 7 September 1980 in Hampstead, New Hampshire. Although he grew up in Hampstead, the professional gamer attended a boarding school in Massachusetts.

Brian went to Emory University after high school and graduated with a degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies. Eventually, he moved to San Diego in 2005 after finishing his collegiate level.

Married Life Details

Brian tied the knot with his wife Natalie (Warren) Kibler on 19 September 2015. However, the marriage couldn’t last even half a decade as the couple separated in 2019. Brian announced the news of his separation from Natalie via a tweet on 21 December 2019.

Admittedly, the YouTuber and his wife had decided to part ways after a lot of consideration and counseling.

Furthermore, the former partners had also sold their house in San Diego, a few months before the announcement. They had moved up to LA- where the duo intended to get their separate places close to each other as it would be easier for them to take care of their dog, Shiro.

Net Worth Related

Brian Kibler gets his earnings mostly through his YouTube channel called BMKGaming, where he uploads videos every day. The channel has over 433K, with over 249 million views on his videos.

Besides, Brian also has his merchandise, which he sells from the online store called INTO THE AM. Some of his merch includes tees, tank tops, and hoodies. Most of his merch features his dog Shiro in the products.

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