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Abigail Rose Jacobs is the daughter of model Kathy Jacobs (born Kathlene Marie Hartsell) with her husband Rob Jacobs. Abigail is a chief medical scribe, studies Spanish, and volunteers with special needs teens. She has a biochem degree and was recently accepted to medical school in New York. In April 2020, SI Swimsuit finalist Kathy Jacobs revealed that her daughter Abigail was granted acceptance into medical school at New York University in Long Island.

“She just found out that she got into medical school — NYU has a medical school in Long Island — a brand new medical school and get this, it’s free,” Jacobs said. “Literally just found out this morning that she’s getting into free medical school.”

In June 2019, Kathy shared a mother/daughter swimsuit video for their official SI swim search audition video. Abigail revealed she is inspired by SI Swimsuit Model Haley Kalil who “showed me that you don’t have to choose between being smart or sexy, you can be both.” Kathy said she was “helping to help bridge the gap by showing my daughter’s generation to not fear aging while proving to my generation you can feel sexy at any age.”

Kathy wrote on Instagram: “Just wanted to say it’s so amazing to see the audition videos of fearless women all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, and ethnicity putting themselves out there by doing this you are all breaking down barriers!!”

In 2019, Abigail adopted a rescue pug. A year ago after she had adopted a rescue companion, the mother-daughter duo threw a party for the dogs. “My daughter adopted the rescue pug she had a year ago,” Kathy explained. “And so we — my daughter made him these little cupcakes and then we filmed them eating them. We put them in little dresses. That was pretty cute.”

Abigail Rose Age

Abigail Rose was born in 2003.

Abigail Rose Height and Weight

She stands tall on an average height of 5 Ft 6 inches and has a moderate body weight

Kathy Jacobs Daughter – Abigail Jacobs Kathy Jacobs

Abigail Rose is the daughter of model Kathy Jacobs (born Kathlene Marie Hartsell) and Rob Jacobs. Kathy is a Calabasas, Calif., native.

Abigail Rose Instagram

Abigail Rose’s Instagram is set to private. Her mother’s Instagram handle is @ageisbeauty.

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